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Choosing the Right Tip Size

Choosing the Right Tip Size

With your hearing aids you will receive four unique sized tips. There is a difference between what are referred to as “Open” and “Closed” tips. Below are descriptions to help you determine which type tip will work best for your individual hearing loss.

Open tips allow more acoustical energy to escape the ear canal. For individuals whom suffer from only high frequency loss but not low frequency loss, they should use open tips. If the hearing aids seem way too loud, be sure to use the open tips. Also, if you feel plugged up or that you own voice sounds like you are speaking in a barrel, then you should change to an open tip. You will receive a 4 mm set and 8 mm set. The smallest tip set in the kit and the tips that have holes in the dome.

Closed tips keep more acoustical energy in the ear canal to give those whom need more power to understand speech. Your hearing aids will be delivered with the 8 mm closed tips already attached. If you feel the aids do not fit snug within your ear or you are experiencing feedback, change to the enclosed 10 mm closed tips (largest sized tip).

If none of the tips provided seem to help with the aids to fit or hear sound comfortably, then please contact our customer service team. ListenClear offers other size tips to customize your fit so you may be able to hear at your optimal best. A Customer Service Member will help you evaluate what other size tips we offer that will be the most effective for you.

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