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ListenClear Difference

simple, low-cost hearing aids

At ListenClear we’re dedicated to providing a simpler, low-cost technological hearing aid breakthrough that helps people hear everything, everywhere immediately. We pride ourselves on making every customer’s transition to clear hearing as effortless as possible.

High Quality at a Low Cost

no marks-ups or extra fees

ListenClear firmly believes that hearing well should not have to break your budget. That’s why we’ve cut out all of the markups of traditional retail clinics and offer our hd hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of other devices on the market today.


Delivered to you at our most affordable price!

Traditional Route

Can cost $5,000 to $8,000 for a set

Hearing Made Easy

direct to consumer hearing aids

When you order your hearing aids from ListenClear we strive to make your transition to clear hearing as simple and hassle free as possible. Simply place your order online or over the phone and we’ll ship your hearing aids straight to your home. With direct to consumer hearing aids, you don’t have to fuss with hearing tests, fitting, or scheduling appointments. Your simple, low-cost hearing aids will be ready to use as soon as you receive them.

Built by Our Experts

designed with you in mind

We specialize in high quality hearing aid manufacturing. Our origins and expertise trace back to 2001, and we’ve been building the world’s leading hearing aid design — the RIC — longer than any other manufacturer. We are proud to be American-owned and operated, and our competitive American design and innovation is carefully crafted into every hearing aid, mobile app, wireless product, and new technology we create.

Our engineers have decades of medical product development experience and they take pride in designing and manufacturing innovative technology that truly help our customers hear better and enjoy life to the fullest.

Unlimited Support

we're here to listen so you can too

Our dedicated Product Specialists are provided regular and consistent hands-on training from licensed Hearing Care Professionals. We do not use generic call centers or outsource to third-party customer service companies. Our product support team members are ListenClear employees that are based in the USA.

All of our Product Specialists are educated to understand the different aspects of hearing loss, and how to utilize our custom-designed ListenClear hearing aids most effectively. At ListenClear, we support you every step of the way to keep you hearing at your best, without the hassle of in-person appointments.

Hear Now, Pay Later

with our 30-day risk free trial
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